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Cyrille Regis O.B.E.

On December 12th 2010 The Memory Tree website was launched at a special celebration event attended by the contributing groups who helped to bring the project to life. As part of the celebration we were privileged  to have the great Cyrille Regis O.B.E. who gave an inspirational talk, after which he was interviewed by members of the contributing groups about his life. We are proud to present the final edited version of this interview here, and we hope that you will find it interesting.

Cyrille Regis is, of course, best known as the first black captain of the England Football team, and is beloved by supporters of West Bromwich Albion, for whom he remains one of their favourite star players. A truly inspirational man, who’s insights into what it was like moving to Great Britain from French Guiana in the 1960′s are fascinating.

We would like to thank him for his contribution to this site, and wish him well with all his future endeavours.

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Contributors to the Our Roots Project from the public group

today’s events -
tomorrow’s history

The idea of this website is to record and preserve the personal stories of ordinary people who make up our communities, the backbone of Britain. Because we believe that everyones' story should be given a chance to inspire and inform, both now and in the future.

This is an open forum. We would love you to sign up - it's completely free. By posting your personal stories and comments you are adding your voice to history, and to what we hope will become a national treasure detailing how we came to be the country and the people we now are.

It doesn't matter if you or your family have just arrived or been here for generations - you have a voice and it's here - in the Memory Tree.

History is not just the record of ancient times, nor the actions of the great and powerful. History is something we all share and are all a part of.

Today’s events are tomorrows' history.

We would like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund for their sponsorship, and the schools and individuals for their invaluable contributions sourcing the stories and making the recordings.

We would also like to thank First Film Academy who brought the site to life, and WebSurgeons and JonnyA who worked tirelessly designing and building it.

Thank you.
The Memory Tree team